KitchenAid Cook Processor

I have always cooked the ‘traditional’ way, ie, using my wok over the good old gas stove.
A couple of years ago, I came across something called a thermal cooker, namely the thermomix machine and did some research on what it was. For the longest time, I followed groups of users who raved about this machine and what it can do and how it changed their lives, etc etc.  I was not really convinced that such a machine would suit my style of daily cooking, which is mainly quick stir fries. My heart was telling me I’d like one to play with, my head was telling me it was probably not for my type of cuisine. But the one thing that deterred me from buying a thermomix was its direct/party plan marketing model. Am so not a fan of that.
Anyways, as thermal cooking gained popularity, I started seeing more brands of cookers on the market. When KitchenAid brought out their Cook Processor (CP), I decided to get one. 
My beautiful KitchenAid Cook Processor in Candy Red
I don’t use my CP daily as I still mainly do stir fries on the stove, but from day one, I’ve been ‘experimenting’ with some recipes from their website/cookbook and also converting my own traditional recipes to cook the CP way quite successfully.  I love that it blends, and then cooks and stirs all in the one bowl. It makes it so much simpler and cleaner to cook some of my favourite and traditionally labour intensive dishes like sambal and rendang. As I gain confidence in using my CP and its various pre-set programmes, I will share my cooking adventures and recipes here with you.