Before I got my Cook Processor, I can’t remember ever eating risotto, let alone cooking it. But one of the things the CP does well is risotto. It is the one dish that is shown at almost every brand of thermal cooker demo sessions. So naturally, risotto had to be on my list of dishes to make in my CP.
Leek & Salmon Risotto
The first time I made it, I tried to follow the basic risotto recipe at the CP’s recipe site. I say ‘tried’ cos I totally stuffed up by totally mis-reading the liquid proportion needed, like instead of 500mls, I read it as 50mls!! All I can say is thank goodness a lifetime of cooking rice had me instinctively adding much more liquid than a mere 50mls to the pot lol. Anyhow, silly mistake aside, my first attempt at cooking risotto actually produced an acceptable result haha. 
Since then, I have cooked risotto a couple more times with slight adjustments to liquid measurements to suit the different flavour components of each dish, taking into consideration that certain ingredients will release extra liquid during the cooking process. They were yummy!
Mushroom, Chicken & Bacon Risotto