A Dinner Feast

This time I didn't cook, nor bake!

My mum came to stay for a few weeks last month and a good friend of ours invited us over for dinner. He owns a restaurant and he loves cooking. And his wife has told us before that he does not know how to cook small portions. But what we didn't actually expect was for a weekday 'dinner' to turn out being a gastronomical 15-course feast! Together with his extended family, there were about 20 people for dinner, but there was enough food to feed another 20 dinner guests!!

The dishes just kept coming out from his kitchen, and here's the menu:-
  1. Crocodile, Chicken & Pork Herbal Soup
  2. Roast Duck
  3. Steamed Chicken with Ginger/Spring Onion Dipping Sauce
  4. Salt and Pepper Chilli Chicken Ribs
  5. Five Spice Fried Quails
  6. Spring Onion, Ginger & Crocodile StirFry
  7. Stuffed Tofu
  8. Braised Winter Melon
  9. Scallop & Snow Pea StirFry
  10. Crispy Pepper Prawns
  11. Eye Fillet of Beef with Teriyaki Sauce
  12. Snow Pea Baby Shoots with Braised Scallop Sauce
  13. Braised Goat with Water Chestnuts & Soy Skin
  14. Fresh Salmon with Wasabi
  15. Fresh Persimmons (for dessert)
Oh, and there was steamed rice too lol. Most of us didn't even touch the steamed rice cos just eating a couple of pieces from each yummy dish was enough to fill our tummies! 

An amazing spread, from an amazing cook and a wonderful friend. Thank you Lee!! My mum kept talking about your feast for days after, she was so impressed.