Black Bean Paste

Home made Black Bean Paste
I learnt how to make this versatile paste from scratch from an elderly lady whilst shopping in an Asian grocery store many years ago. It may not look the best, but it is great to have on hand for when I want to cook 'black bean' something. So much better than the watery bottled stuff you can buy in the shops.

I have adapted the recipe to be made in the KitchenAid Cook Processor. But it can be easily cooked the traditional way in a wok over the stove.

I use it for quick stir fries, in fried noodles, in braised/stewed meats, stir fry vegetables, and steamed meats/seafood.

Black Bean Braised Pork Ribs with Bitter Melon

Black Bean Chicken & Bitter Melon stir fry

Black Bean Rice Vermicelli stir fry

Black Bean Pork & Apple stir fry

**Here's an interesting article I on found fermented/salted black beans

**This is usually how they are sold in Asian grocers

Black Bean Paste

375 gms vacuumed pack fermented/salted black beans
1 whole large head of garlic (peeled)
½ cup neutral oil
  • Cover black beans with boiling water and soak for about 10 minutes to separate the beans. 
  • Drain using a colander and give it a quick rinse under the tap - I like using a colander to drain or remove beans from water using a perforated spoon just to ensure if there is any grit, it either drains away or stays in the water, so try to not use a fine sieve for this step.
  • Insert MultiBlade into the KitchenAid Cook Processor (CP).
  • Put peeled garlic and oil into CP bowl. Pulse 3 seconds, scrape bowl, and pulse again to finely chop garlic.
  • Change to StirAssist blade.
  • Set CP 120C, 5 minutes, speed 1 to saute garlic till lightly golden brown.
  • Then add cleaned/drained black beans. Set CP to 100C, 20 minutes, speed 1.
  • Keep the finished paste in the freezer. As there is no water added, the cooked paste/beans won't freeze into a hard block and can be easily spooned out for cooking. It is salty, so use a tablespoon or less (or to taste) as required, mash them up a bit with the back of a spoon if desired.