How to Cook Coconut Rice in the KitchenAid Cook Processor

COCONUT RICE is very yummy served with cooked sambal or a variety of curries. It is the rice that is used in Malaysia's national dish - Nasi Lemak.

Cooking coconut rice is as easy as cooking plain rice, with just the addition or substitution of a couple of ingredients.

I always cook rice in my faithful rice cooker which uses the absorption method. But it is easy enough to adapt this method using the KitchenAid Cook Processor (KACP). Please refer to my post here on how to cook rice in the KACP.

Here are instructions to cook coconut rice using 2 cups long or short grain white rice.

Long or short grain rice
Coconut milk
Pandan leaf (optional if you can't find it, but highly recommended to include)
  1. Insert the stir assist blade into main bowl.
  2. Add washed rice.
  3. Liquid needed will roughly consist equal amounts of water and coconut milk. So add coconut milk to just cover the rice, then top up with sufficient water per the instructions here.
  4. Add 1 tsp salt, 1 pandan leaf (cut into approx 10cm lengths).
  5. Then start the cook WITHOUT any speed setting.
  6. When liquid is boiling, press the quick stir button a couple of times so that any coconut milk solids that has risen to the top is mixed back into the liquid. Then leave the rice to finish cooking.
  7. Fluff hot/cooked rice with a pair of chopsticks and remove pandan leaf before serving.
  • Did you know that using a 50:50 combination of long grain and short grain white rice produces great and delicious textured cooked rice? This is a secret some restaurants use.